Eswatini Kitchen

Our Future

Our youth is our future. That is why all the proceeds from Eswatini Kitchen are devoted to fund Manzini Youth Care’s (MYC) social programmes which support more than 2000 marginalized children and young people in Swaziland. 
The main aim of MYC is to reintegrate marginalized youth into the community and to prevent children from ending up on the streets. Manzini Youth Care main projects are:
  • The Bosco Youth Hall that offers an average of 300 young people per week various indoor entertainment options such as soccer, table tennis, table football and cinema
  • Residential care for 100 boys and 35 girls and boys through six homes at McCorkindale’s Orphanage
  • The Enjabulweni Bridging School that allows 380 children to fast track through primary education for free
  • Five skills training centres (Bosco Study Centre, Likusasa Life Skills Centre, Bosco Skills Centre, Business & Computer Centre, Open Award Programme) that train an average of 680 marginalized youth in practical skills that will help them find employment
  • Social enterprise for development: Eswatini Kitchen that produces a delicious range of natural gourmet food, and Imvelo Eswatini that produces beautifully handcrafted ceramic jewellery and unique sisal bags.
  • Self-employment: the EU sponsored YES project (Youth Enterprise Services) offers young marginalized people a chance to become entrepreneurs. To date, 10 new businesses have been created profiting from microfinance schemes